Aaron O’Brien

Growing up I really enjoyed many different kinds of food, from egg foo young to pizza. I tried it all (my favorite was and still is pizza). It wasn’t until the first time that I met Amy that I tried my hand at cooking. On our first date Amy showed me how to make home made pizza. I fell in love with her and with cooking. Over the years my passion for cooking has gotten out of control. Although Amy encourages me in my experiments she doesn’t always appreciate how the kitchen looks afterward. Another love that we share is working with children. For me The Kitchen Table is a place where all things that I love come together.

Amy O’Brien

One of my favorite memories is sitting down around the huge kitchen table at my grandma’s house.  She had 11 children, and her kitchen was always full of tasty food and good conversation shared by her loving family.  The kitchen table was a magical place with so many memories of Thanksgiving gatherings, birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, and afternoon cups of tea.  It’s the place where my family gathered to share life together.  My grandma’s recipes, and the tradition of family dinners were passed down to my mother, who passed them down to me.  Cooking and sharing food together gives me that feeling of warmth and love that I felt as a kid. No matter what was going on in the world, I always knew there was comfort, love, and a listening ear to be found around The Kitchen Table.

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