Can we bring in outside food?

Yes! Each Young Chef will be able to eat or take home the food that they make at the party. We offer cupcakes, drinks, and pizza as add ons, but you are always welcome to bring in your own cake, snacks and drinks to the party!

How do I reserve a date for my party?

Please send us a message through our website, Facebook page, or email to check the availability of your preferred party date.  Then fill out this online form to reserve your date!

Click Here for our Birthday Registration Form

Does each guest need a waiver?

Yes.  Each guest who participates will need a waiver signed by a parent/guardian.  These waivers can be printed and signed at home, or they can be signed at drop off on the day of the party.

Click Here for Party Waivers

What ages are your parties for?

We host kids birthday parties beginning at age 3.  See our party options for suggestions on age appropriate classes.

How many kids can I invite?

We have a limit of 24 kid guests if we host the party.  If we come to you, you set your own party size.

When do you need a final guest count?

We can change your final guest count up to two days before the party is scheduled.  If your final guest count falls into a different party category we can change party packages up to two days before the party.

Can parents of guests attend the party?

Parents are always welcome at our parties! If parents are down in the cooking classroom, we encourage them to either help assist the young chefs, or stay in our adult seating area.  We have a dining area/sitting area upstairs for parents who would prefer to chat or hang out during the class.

How long do the parties last?

Our birthday parties last 2 hours.  The cooking class takes about 90 minutes. You will have the remaining time to welcome guests at the beginning, and time at the end to eat food, snacks, cake, hang out, or even sing happy birthday!

Where do the parties take place?

We can host the party at our place, or we can bring the party to you!  Our parties take place in our cooking classroom in our home on Wild Ginger Trail in West Chicago.  We also do traveling parties for a small travel charge.

When should I arrive the day of the party?

We suggest that the parent/party planner of the birthday kid arrives 15 minutes early.  This will give you a chance to set up any food or decorations you are bringing, and be there to greet your guests before they arrive.